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Our clients dont know how much we know, until they learn how much we care...

For Intrest in our kittens you can get to us directly via email or phone. email: info@domesticbengals.com We are a premier Bengal cat breeder proudly breeding the most beautiful and adorable Bengal kittens.


To succeed in producing the most beautiful Bengal kittens imaginable, you must first have the most beautiful cats possible! Take the time to look at our breeding Bengal kittens for sale. They are simply breathtaking! We work very hard to select only exceptional Bengal cats, and this is reflected directly in the quality of our Bengal kittens for sale. We also produce Bengal kittens with spectacular colors that are highly sought after, which brings our little kittens to travel around the world to join their new families.


All of our breeding Bengal cats undergo a series of health tests to screen for various possible hereditary diseases, including HCM (heart) by a specialized cardiologist. These measures avoid many problems for our cats, our Bengal kittens for sale and their future owners.

Our cattery is proud to have tested negative for the following diseases and parasites:

  • HCM (heart condition)
  • FiV / FeLV (Immunodeficiency / Leukemia)
  • PK-Deficiency (anemia)
  • PRA-b (progressive retinal atrophy of the eyes)
  • Trichomonas (intestinal parasites)
  • Giardia (intestinal parasites)
  • Coccidiosis (intestinal parasites)


The temperament of the Bengal kitten you are going to buy is of the utmost importance, because that will determine your bond, attachment and love for him. For a Bengal cat to be kind and affectionate, he must have been socialized and cuddled from an early age. The first months at the cattery are very important. At Wild N Sweet Bengals, our mini leopards are born and grow in the heart of our living room. They get a lot of love and are petted throughout the day, so as you can imagine, they are wonderfully socialized. Our Bengal kittens for sale are simply adorable.

And since the temperament is often hereditary, we select breeding Bengal cats with the best possible personality which makes all the difference.

Bengal kittens for sale

There's always a special bond between a cat and their owner. A Bengal Cat is a great pet in so many ways. Bengals are loving, loyal, independent and self sufficient when you need them to be and overall they are just a joy to have in your home. While there are so many different breeds of cats - none are like the Bengal because of the small percentage of Wild Blood that helps create these living peices of art. I believe that the connection between humans and Bengals is even stronger than with most cats.

The Bengal cat comes from the Asian Leopard Cat and very much resembles a Leopard - That's one exciting reason to own a Bengal cat, its like owning an exotic animal. Beautiful color, Spunky temperament, natural hunting instincts, and unconditional love for their owners, who wouldn't want to own one. Finding the perfect cattery/location for your Bengal cat can be a difficult task. Here at Domestic Bengals, our goal is to provide our families with top quality Bengal cats.

A Few of our Gorgeous Breeders....


Please consider carefully the breeder and kitten that you choose to join your family. Working with unlicensed facilities gives you no guarantees that a breeder will stand up to their contracts and provide healthy kittens and keep the adults in breed appropriate facilities that give them the space, environment and socialization that's best for the parents!

I've worked with countless clients that have had extremely negative experiences due to things like:

  • Not being able to visit the cattery and inspect and see the cleanliness, health of the animals yourself and size/style of their habitats/environment.

  • Being charged to deliver a kitten to the client because they don't allow visitors.

  • Not being able to meet the parents of the cats.

  • Not being able to see TICA/CFA registrations for each breeding cat

  • Not being able to see health records of all of the cats and kittens at the cattery

  • Extremely early neutering (8 wks to 12 wks) which can cause growth plate development issues, other development issues and expensive future surgerys ($2500 per hip x 2 for one client that received a kitten that was neutered too early - 2 individual Vet opinions). (BTW Early neutering at 4 - 6 months seems to be fine and I haven't seen issues come from this time period)

Please ask yourself the question of "Why don't they want me to see their cats/facilites/records?"

Do you like Adventure?

Then consider a Bengal Kitten as your next animal Companion. Living Art – Stalking and Prowling around your home. These beautiful, domestic sized cats have a touch of “wild blood” in them making them incredibly unique house pets. They are active, very intelligent and quite connected to their human companions - they are not the “indifferent” cats that many of us grew up with!

Domestic Bengals is a TICA Outstanding Cattery and a TIBCS Breeder of Distinction giving you assurances that my cats, kittens and you are all treated exceptionally well. I currently breed the following:

Snow Leopard Bengals
Brown/Gold/Red Rosetted Bengals
Clouded Leopard Pattern Bengals
Blue Bengals
Blue Snow Bengals
Charcoal Bengals
Melanistic Bengals (with Spotted Pattern)
Cashmere Bengals (Long Haired Bengals)
Silver Bengals

Over the past 5 years, I have shown all over the US and Canada. 14 Domestic Bengals were given a "Champion" or Better title. Two of them are in the top 20 Internationally!!! 4 of my Cats/Kittens are in line for getting "Regional Winners" this year. Big Mac even looks like he'll be the "Best Snow Bengal" for 2015 Internationally with TICA!!! :)

If you are interested in this breed, I encourage you to come up to Tiger Mountain and meet some of my adults - There is such a wide variety of beauty within this breed that pictures and video just don’t do them justice. You will appreciate seeing and meeting them in person! It’s also the best way to build your own list of preferences so that when you take home your new kitten, they grow up into an adult that you’ll be thrilled with for years to come.

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