Hi !!

I hope all is well with you and all your fur babies. I was just having a discussion with a coworker the other day telling him all about your cattery, so I thought I'd drop you a little hello. Hopefully, John may contact you sometime as to kitten availability!

Milo is doing excellent. He is such a good boy (mostly, save his fondness for puncturing soda cans and cartons of almond milk in the pantry)

We just had a baby a few months ago and Milo is quite the shy, yet protective big brother. Will lay next to her when she is sleeping and run into the room when she cries, but keeps a bit of a distant watch over her otherwise. I was unsure of how he would react, but has adapted nicely. :)

Best Ragards,
Gina, Milo and now, Olivia.

Hello !

I just wanted to send you an update on our two girls we got from you early this year. Mya, formerly Merry born on Halloween last year and Lexi, formerly Red Riding Hood born 11/3/15.
Beautiful healthy girls, both have glitter especially Lexi, she just sparkles in the sunlight! Amusing, doing all the crazy Bengal stuff, baths, showers, fetch, opening doors and turning on water faucets.But most of all LOVEBUGS! They are the snuggliest, sweetest cats I have ever owned, and I've had cats all my life! Also in the last photo are Lexi and Mya with our 14.5 year old Java, they will sleep together, groom each other and little mischievous Mya will even get the old lady to play a bit.
They have added much love and joy to our lives and I wanted to share that with you.

Best Ragards,
Amber and Richard,

It's been a long time since I spoke to you last about Lilith so I wanted to say thank you again for helping me with her when she was young and... energetic? She has calmed down alot over the past couple years. After a couple months in Afghanistan I ended up on contract down in Honduras and I was able to take her down with me. While she never really liked anyone other than me, she did take to me wife. When Lucia was pregnant, Lilith would curl up against her stomach and sleep there with her like she was cuddling with the baby. It really was cute. And she is absolutely amazing with our daughter (who is 3 now). No matter what Jovanna would do to her, Lilith would never hurt her. Jovanna would get a good grip on Liliths tail and Lilith would just look at us for help, and she would be very conscious of where Jovanna was when she would play with toys or her laser so not to accidentally hurt Jovanna. She is still a chatterbox and runs to greet me when I get home and talks non stop to me for about 5-10 minutes following me around getting attention. But I honestly could not have ever asked for a better cat. My brother on the other hand is still convinced she is satan, and she still hates being picked up or held.

Chris -

On 1 June 2016 I adopted Merlin (formerly FA) a cute little Silver Bengal Boy and I'm absolutely amazed how well he has taken to his new home. Less then 12 hours after bringing him home he unbeknownst to me escaped his confinement from the other 2 kitty's and several hours later I found him curled up and napping with both of them. Not a hiss, growl or fight among them!!! Merlin became the center of attention within the first few days. Merlin is very playful and full of energy and the perfect playmate for Quinn my 9 month old Abby who is also very playful. The 2 are inseperable and act like littermates. Merlin is very personable and the sweetest lap kitty when not at play. He is so well mannered and friendly if I didn't know better I'd never even think he has any "wild" genes in him. He has the loudest purr of any kitty I've ever known! I'm so glad I decided to bring him into the family. He's a perfect fit and is loved not only by me but also by his 2 partners in crime, we'd be lost without him... At 14 weeks old he runs the house and we all cater to his whims!!! Merline is such an "AMAZING" bundle of fur!! Thank you Teresa/Traipse for raising and breeding such beautiful well manner Bengals. I also want to thank Caitlyn as she was very caring with Merlin. Her knowledge answering any question I asked and her kindness in making the adoption a great experience. She helped in easing my mind that the price was well worth the bundle of joy I brought home. Thank you for providing the perfect fit to my home.

5 Stars - Ginger
Gina, Milo and now, Olivia.

Thank you for giving us the She had her girl surgery and has recovered very well.
She is 4 lbs so she is still very petite, but she makes up for it in personality. She wrestles with the dog - Pickles, gets into everything she can, yells at everyone, and is always hungry - just not for cat food :-)
I have attached 1 photos - one with her best friend and one that truly captures her personality.She is giving us such joy, beyond anything we imagined.
I will be forever grateful for your wonderful work,


It's like he has always been part of our family.
He is so affectionate and very playful and engaged.He has been AMAZING with our two small dogs, and has already politely ignored all their sniffing and shown the proper amount of disdain and "I'm in charge now" attitude.

Best Ragards,

Hi, Our little man went though his big surgery a few days ago and is doing great. I've got the paperwork attached, and some pictures.

We love this little guy so much, and he is the perfect playmate for our girl. Thanks so much for matching us with him.

Best Ragards,
Mike and Alyssa

Hi Sheila,

Here are a few pictures of Higgins. Not as clear as the ones you take. The portrait was taken with my cell phone. That one surprised me.

He is doing, play, sleep... repeat as needed. He is finding a lot of new toys to play with and that is keeping him very busy. We just love him and he is fitting right in with his new friends.

Thank you for spending so much time with me on pick up day. All of your information has been very helpful.


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